Invest in mayor’s building projects

Datas :

  • Land portfolio 2021: 2.2 billions euros, 
  • Backlog: 6.3 billions euros (350 partnership with local authorities),
  • Tracts of land sells in 2021: 291 M€ (6 980 housing units & 170,000 square meters for new business activities)
  • Acquirement: 540 M€

Our 3 goals

1) Fostering the rebirth of Ile-de-France housing sector

New real estate development projects are needed in order to spur housing construction, foster growth and fight housing inequality by opening new way of development. To achieve these aims, we must prepare the land by providing tightened-priced developable tracts of land.

2) Facilitate the installation of new businesse

EPF Île-de-france is tasked with:

  • Purchasing and managing tracts that will later be taken over by municipalities or designated developers.
  • Advance planning for future construction projects to ensure the longest-term possible use of the zone in question.
  • Conducting preliminary studies and preparatory projects needed to ensure the tract is delivered in ready-to-use form.

3) Cleanup of multi-owner properties

In cases of exceptional difficulty, the government may step in and declare an area a national ORCOD (contaminate/polluted) waste-site whose management is entrusted to a public EPF.

Based on its experience acquiring and overseeing such projects, EPF Île-de-France has been designated to manage cleanup/renewal operations for the ORCOD-INs (multiowner sites) in Clichy-sous-Bois and Grigny. New operations in Argenteuil and Mantes-la-Jolie are also scheduled.

  • Usable tract development (acquisition and holding company services)
  • Relocation and public housing support
  • Preservation planning
  • Land carrying entity services throughout the project definition process
  • Development and implementation of development projects